Los Angeles, USA









Boston, USA









Hollywood, USA

Missak Artinian is a professional Technical Writer originating from the Washington, D.C. metro area, where he majored in English Literature, with a concentration in Creative Writing. Recently, he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue more creative opportunities. In his free time, Missak enjoys writing, watching films, and traveling.







Los Angeles, USA









Oxford, UK

Talene Boodaghians is a graduate student in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition at the University of Oxford. Prior to her studies in the UK, she lived in Armenia for several years as a Birthright Armenia volunteer, a Fulbright Scholar, and, most recently, a third through eighth grade English teacher at The Tsakhkunk Open School. Originally from New Jersey, she learned Eastern Armenian by haggling at Vernisage, reading Vahan Derian, and watching a mafia soap opera called Life’s Price. Today, her Eastern Armenian is good enough to purchase a Soviet stamp collection, recite «Հրաժեշտ,» and answer the phone like a gangster. She runs, but is not a runner, and writes poems, but is not a poet. Talene is a pretty awful cook, but a “homemaker” nonetheless, as she travels often and writes mostly about Armenia in America and America in Armenia.

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