On Saturdays and Sundays, artisans congregate in Armenia’s capital to display and sell handicrafts. Vernisage is a short documentary depicting the weekend scene at the famous outdoor market in Yerevan. 


By Nairi W.

Memories of a remarkable city with a tumultuous past, the Mikaelyans, in a candid interview with their daughter, intertwine personal and historical narratives as they discuss life in Gyumri, Armenia.

Nairi W.

Nairi W. is a graduate student in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition at the University of Oxford.  Prior to her studies in the UK, she lived in Armenia for several years as a Birthright Armenia volunteer, a Fulbright Scholar, and, most recently, a third through eighth grade English teacher at The Tsakhkunk Open School.  Originally from New Jersey, she learned Eastern Armenian by haggling at Vernisage, reading Vahan Derian, and watching a mafia soap opera called Life’s Price.  Today, her Eastern Armenian is good enough to purchase a Soviet stamp collection, recite «Հրաժեշտ,» and answer the phone like a gangster.  She runs, but is not a runner, and writes poems, but is not a poet. Nairi is a pretty awful cook, but a “homemaker” nonetheless, as she travels often and writes mostly about Armenia in America and America in Armenia.