Unforgivable Sin

By Natalin Daldalian (Guest Contributor)

We sit, we question, we ponder why?
Why did all those people have to die?
Every year we listen lie after lie,
Forgive and forget they say, it’s been a century since your people died.
Sit back in your seat and close your eyes
Listen to their prayers, listen to their cries.
Talaat Pasha gave Armenians two options in his request-
Convert to Islam or perish like the rest.
Women carried their children, their hearts wrenching,
All through a walk that had no ending.

How would you feel if you buried your child with your bare hands?
Or watched them be thrown into mud and then covered with sand?
Watched your little girls be stripped and draped,
Watch them be tortured, abused and raped.
Walk down a road and see bodies on the way,
Hear a friend say “I can’t make it through another day.”
And when they were near death, have them left in the rain,
Nothing you could do but watch them slowly die in agony and pain.
Listen, there’s a bullet from the gun of a Turk,
She falls dead on the ground, and on his face an evil smirk.
Women and children all lit on fire
As Turks watched, with much desire.

Torture, abuse, rape, humiliate,
Take over our land, control and dictate.
Now open your eyes, do you see what they’ve done?
Their goal was to annihilate us, bury us, forever gone.
But we did not fall, their plan ceased to work,
And now there is constant denial in the eyes of a Turk.
They destroyed our books, and burned down our churches,
But our soul still searches
Searches for the Holy lands we no longer possess,
The land we call Armenia, the land that God blessed.

Beloved 1.5 million Armenians do rest in peace,
Their ‘Sacred Goals’ were not reached.
A century has passed but the truth will soon prevail
The world knows the Genocide is not a made up tall tale.
It’s only a matter of time, we’re almost there,
Their threats and lies no longer scare.
Our time is now, and we shall soon win,
What they did was an unforgettable, unforgivable sin.

Natalin Daldalian was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. She currently resides in Southern California while studying criminology.